Thursday, April 9, 2015

My Special Friends! A Poem for You!

My Special Friends!

  My Friends you are like Sunshine that brightens up my day
You listen to my problems, and have helped me find my way
I will always be here too; and hear what you may say

It doesn’t have to be about the problems we are having,
It can be about the weather or just some jibber jabbing
Talk about your house or work or even do some bragging (HA!) 

We seem to know each other's thoughts that very few can share
It’s a lonely world without a friend without a thought or care
It’s unfortunate that many haven’t found this anywhere

What’s really strange about our friendships (that you already see)
We’ve never met in person, and that may never come to be
But as long as there’s a signal, there will always be you - and - me

Your friend ~ Dorene


onesnevertooold said...

What a thoughtfully nice, warm, and friendly poem. I love the pics too. I hope to read more poetry from you in the near future.

CraveCute said...

Very sweet post Dorene!

Vanessa Rottner said...

Thank you Doreen, I am delighted you found me and I found you. Love your blog page. Cali and Vanessa